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AISM Project

FPZ contributes to AISM’s research on pediatric multiple sclerosis, in order to develop an application for smartphones and tablets necessary for the cognitive rehabilitation. 

Research support on pediatric multiple sclerosis 

In Italy there are 126,000 multiple sclerosis patients of which only 10 out of 100 receive a diagnosis before the age of 18 and 3-5 before 16 years. Due to the current Covid-19 emergency, many people with multiple sclerosis had repercussions on their living conditions.

Considering all the multiple sclerosis centers, 91% suffered an impact on their facility, 43% had patients and care providers  infected with Covid-19, 40% had problems accessing intensive care, 75% had interrupted rehabilitation therapies and 14% lost their jobs.

In such a difficult period, FPZ decided to support one of the projects of AISM, an organization that takes care of people with multiple sclerosis by financing scientific research, guaranteeing social services and promoting people rights.

Thanks to the contribution of our customers and suppliers, we are supporting an important research project on pediatric multiple sclerosis that regards the development of a smartphone and tablet application, designed for the cognitive rehabilitation. It is based on personalized memory exercises for improving the quality of life.

To all these children and their families, we would like to offer a better future by supporting the AISM research and its Foundation.