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E series

The “e Series” is FPZ’s newest line of regenerative blowers. Extensive R&D, rapid prototyping,
3D printing, and supplier collaboration, have resulted in our “e” Series. The patented impeller
design has unique blade spacing that has resulted in a more pleasing operating tone. The
overall design, including the impeller and internal channeling, has increased efficiency of the e
Series. FPZ’s e series blowers were designed to be drop-in replacements to their K series counterparts,
so the footprint, piping centerlines, electric motor, and accessories are identical making the
transition from K to e seamless.

Models e07 / e08 / e11 / e12 are currently released with models e09 + e10 coming soon! As we
stock out of our “K series”, we will continue to transition to our “e” series – The Newest Generation
of Blowers from FPZ!