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Kyiv Children and Youth Support Center

FPZ supports the Association that provides livelihood for numerous former residents with disabilities of orphanages in the territory of Ukraine.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict, unfortunately, is still a painful reality, a plague that afflicts millions of people and has brought an entire nation to its knees.

Thanks to the valuable cooperation of one of its long-standing clients – Bibus Ukraine – FPZ was able to get in touch with an Association in the area that offers support to certain categories of people particularly affected by the conflict.

The company decided to contribute to the cause by donating a sum of €5,000, which was used to distribute gift cards to former residents of orphanages with physical and/or mental disabilities to purchase basic necessities.

To date, the Association is supporting 127 young adults (couples with children and single parents) and 64 children, who were forced to abandon their homes and flee their hometowns in the southeast of the country, the area most affected by the military fighting.

They had to seek refuge in bigger cities and try to put the pieces of their lives back together: an extremely difficult task in a war-torn country with a severely compromised economic structure and the burden very debilitating physical and/or mental disabilities.

Against this tragic backdrop, the support provided by the Association represents a beacon of hope for these people, who can support themselves and their families and be relieved of one of many worries.

For more information about the project you can visit the dedicated page on the Bibus Ukraine website

FPZ expresses its gratitude for this opportunity to Bibus Ukraine and the Association and will continue to support the cause, in the hope that this country will soon find peace again.